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Can you create leads thanks to the power of the online and your brand?

Every brand has its own identity and its market, for this it deserves a custom-built digital strategy: discover which one with Digital Login!

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How much do your customers interact with your brand online? Does your digital presence really generate new contacts and new customers? Yes, all brands are now online, and all businesses have a website and at least a presence in the social media, but how many take the time to analyse how their online presence effectively contributes to increase brand value and to “rope in” new customers?

This is the moment to invest in Digital Strategy for your brand!

Being online is no longer a choice, it’s a given. Now, the real difference is between those businesses that know how to invest wisely online and those who just throw their money at it. The smart businesses make their decisions on the basis of objective data, and carefully monitor and measure not only their own progress but that of their competitors as well and the context in which they are all performing. Too often, however, a business just doesn’t have the method or tools for monitoring its own online performance. What then happens is that a huge gap opens between how the brand operates offline and how it is perceived online.

How can you start to reverse course?

At Route ‘n Roots, we have created  Digital Login, a comprehensive, precision tool that will generate digital performance for your brand and will effectively find new opportunities for your online business. We are totally convinced that this is the correct starting-point to begin the process of gaining a digital presence that is not only coherent with your brand but is also high-performing, and will translate into sales and new customers for your business.


The course of action is developed over 2 months, divided into 3 steps.

Step 1: Digital Analysis
Before making any change — be it a new website, new management of the social platforms, adverting campaigns, etc. — it is absolutely crucial to begin with an objective analysis of all the digital assets of your business, of their existing status, of their actual performance, of the critical points they represent or convey, and their strong points. To do this, one needs an in-depth understanding of the main analytical tools that will reveal an overall view of the digital assets and will take an X-ray of their current effectiveness, fundamental for successively deciding what steps to take.

These are the assets that will be subjected to analysis:

  • Website: Platform, user-friendliness, speed, on-site user behaviour, traffic, rate of execution
  • SEO: positioning on Google for the primary sector keywords
  • Social profiles
  • Communication channels: newsletters, online chat, customer care
  • Digital reputation
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Digital PR 
  • Other possible digital assets (e.g. online sales procedures, price comparisons, etc.)


Step 2: Business Training
In 99.9% of cases, the digital analysis is translated into a report that the business fails to read or whose real implications it fails to understand.
This happens because an analysis of this kind, if it is performed completely and in sufficient technical detail, can be quite complex and even controversial, and those for whom it is prepared do not always have the training to understand it 100%.

To prevent this happening, and to ensure that the business derives a 100% satisfactory result from the analysis, the Digital Login includes an advanced training session that directly addresses and illustrates the results of the analysis, explains the macro concepts that underpin online business presence and its correct positioning. In addition, this training session will involve fruitful interaction between the business and the Route ‘n Roots digital strategist, and brand strategist, with the objective of revealing and clarifying critical or unclear points and of identifying the objectives to pursue in the short-, mid-, and long-term.


Step 3: Digital Strategy
The time has come, at this moment, to develop the digital strategy for the brand. That strategy will begin with mutually agreed-upon objectives and will consist in a true attack plan specifying the actions required to substantially improve the digital positioning of the brand.
In my role as Digital Strategist, it will be my responsibility to utilise the analysis and business self-awareness as a basis now for structuring a strategic project that will specify various digital activities designed to achieve the shared objectives.

Those activities may include:

  • Modifications to the website
  • Restyling the social profiles and designing a new content plan
  • Online advertising plan on the main platforms (Facebook and Instagram ads, Google ads)
  • Designing and launching a new customer acquisition funnel
  • Content strategy aimed at improving SEO positioning
  • Email marketing flow
  • Creation and management of an online community

Every brand has its own unique identity, values, and story, and for this reason it deserves a custom-built, distinctive digital strategy.
Digital Login is precisely that: a procedural tool that supports your brand in all aspects of the digital world.
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