Brand Map

A road atlas guaranteed to make your brand stand out!

What is it?

Make your values clear to sell better.
Why aren’t consumers choosing my product? How can I increase my product margins and boost product perception?

The personalised format of this course will tell you precisely what to do to add value to your brand and give it the correct direction.
This course will provide: professional training, tools, concrete advice, and your own roadmap, all of which comprises a strategic plan. It will define your identity and direction and help you to translate that into specific, concrete actions that will build the future you want.

What do you get?

  • A projective strategy to define your identity and to sell better
  • Tools to define what is unique to you and to help you market it
  • A process, a methodology, and a prospectus
  • What do the following mean for your brand: identity, reason why, target consumer, positioning, brand experience, brand narrative
  • Real-life scenarios to boost your brand’s performance

How long does it take?

A 45-day course, divided into 9 steps

Who is it for?

  • Businesspersons, CEOs and managers who have to craft new brand strategies utilising specific activities and a feasible campaign
  • Brand Managers and Sales Managers who have to increase sales performance through a more coherent brand strategy and with better-suited tools and programs
  • Business teams working on specific projects

What is included?

  • 1 introductory hour of diagnosis procedure
  • 2 hours of focused training
  • 4 hours of coaching
  • 1 strategy and operational report on a new direction for your brand
  • 1 hour of personalised video consultancy

Who is working with you?

4 specialised professionals

Brand Strategist
Brand Curator
Visual Designer
International market specialist

Ready, go!

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