Brand Starter

Everything you have to know about a brand to stay strong in the markets.

What is it?

Secrets no one ever told you about “brand power,” so that you will have complete control over yours!

Do you know what a brand really is, what it means to create a brand strategy, and how to take full advantage of a brand with respect to your target consumer, the trade, and the community?
Here is a real-time professional training and consultancy course, in just six hours. You will learn how to correctly position your brand in the global marketplace and what you need to do first.

What do you get?

  • Strategies and methods
  • Crucial and fundamental concepts about the world of branding and positioning, and about your approach to your target consumer and community
  • Real-life examples
  • Business advice
  • Marketing vision
  • Tools for building your brand
  • A one-hour focused consultancy, with responses to your questions about your brand

How long does it take?

Six modules, each lasting one hour, with five hours of intensive training, and one concluding hour focused on you and your brand, to explore your own possibilities and opportunities, evaluate them, and to help you to create your own roadmap.

Who is it for?

  • For businesspersons who are involved in new product development, for Managers and CEOs who need to establish new brand strategies
  • For those desiring new personal branding, for brand managers wanting updating, less on marketing and more on the market itself, and on what it takes to boost favourable product perception and added value
  • For startups who want to transform a good idea into a performing brand

What is included?

  • 5 hours of videocalls
  • 1 hour of personalised video consultation
  • 5 professional guide maps, one per lesson
  • Complete bibliography, with essential abstracts

Who is working with you?

Nicole and Ofelia

Brand Strategist, with professional global marketplace experience
Brand Curator, with professional corporate identity experience

Ready, go!

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