Pitch & Speech

How to speak to buyers with total effectiveness.

What is it?

The situation: You have a call or a meeting in which you have to present your business or your product, you have only 10 minutes, and everyone is expecting you to impress them.

This course gives you the ability to give that speech live, in English, with the terms and language absolutely perfect for a sales presentation that will thrill them.
Grab their attention with the right key words, register, and tone that will make them choose your brand.
You’ll have at your commend a live, interactive, compelling presentation, tailored precisely to your needs, that will condense into a few but powerful words everything necessary to communicate perfectly with your audience.

What do you get?

  • Discover and clearly convey the values and key concepts for selling your brand
  • Present yourself in English to buyers, sellers, customers, the trade, journalists
  • Be confident, effective, concise
  • Put aside any hesitancy or timidity
  • Simplify for increased effectiveness
  • Underscore reasons for purchasing and being involved with your product

How long does it take?

A five-hour course, divided into 5 steps

Who is it for?

  • Businesspersons, CEOs, and Presidents who have to make an impactful speech to a new audience
  • Before going abroad, or when you have to present your business to foreign clients visiting the business
  • If you wish to become a Brand Ambassador
  • Sales managers and sales representatives who have to introduce their brand and portfolio
  • For those who have only a brief time to train an internal or international sales team

What is included?

  • Presentation outline
  • Key words
  • The text before delivery of the presentation
  • Audio guide for repetition of the overall structure

Who is working with you?

A brand specialist

 with professional experience in world market sales

Ready, go!

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