Survival Kit

The essential tools needed to conquer the markets

What is it?

How do you relate with your brand’s buyers? Why should they feel “invested in your brand”?

We have designed a personalised course that draws a line from product identity to sales performance.
You will have an effective tool that lets buyers, importers, and other market professionals get a better idea of you, and by promoting dialogue will boost your sales.

What do you get?

  • How to more effectively present your business and your brand, to gain market access and to stay in contact with your buyers
  • The key tools for capturing the attention of your target demographic
  • A complete toolkit and method of utilising it to access maximum sales
  • A sales presentation, in English, with a realistic approach and coherent, detailed development. You will have a pdf file with a minimum of 5 and maximum 10 slides Your business must supply the visual materials (logo, font, colours, and photos
  • An English-language e-mail for a professional, effective self-introduction

How long does it take?

The course lasts one month, divided into 4 steps.

Who is it for?

  • Sales managers, sales representatives, and for those who want to convey the value of their product and need the right tool to present it to brokers or buyers
  • For those who want to correctly structure their product portfolio and to communicate it with precision, highlighting their top products and maintaining product relationships within the portfolio
  • For those preparing a new product launch or presenting at a trade fair or B2B meeting

What is included?

  • A method for structuring your brand from “sales first”
  • A welcome e-mail in English
  • Business and brand presentation in English; other languages available on request

Who is working with you?

A specialised team

Brand Strategist
Visual Designer
International Market Specialist

Ready, go!

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