The golden hour

The hour of consultancy service that will change your business.


Specific professional consultant advice to solve questions related to brand identity or positioning, to take strategic decisions relative to your brand, to locate opportunities, and/or to effect change.

What do you get?

  •  You get a new direction for your brand
  •  You realize what actions and priorities will help you achieve your goals
  • You receive responses that are a match with your brand identity

How long does it take?

A 1-hour videocall

Who is it for?

  • Businessmen, CEOs, and managers for personal branding projects
  • Those who want to change brand direction and set a new strategic pathway that will follow their vision

What is included?

  • A 1-hour videocall
  • Report and mind map of what took place

Who is working with you?

An assigned Brand Strategist expert in global markets and business strategies

Ready, go!

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