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Tenuta Mosole, rebranding case study

From a product to the added value. Here is is a rebranding and market repositioning that works: from identity to global markets.

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Reposition a wine brand to give it more appeal and make it stand out in the marketplace.

Boost the visibility of a little-known growing area and make an entire wine portfolio unforgettable.

Grow sales, motivate the sale reps, and inspire the importers across the globe. 

Both sales reps and importers need distinctive, easily-understandable information; a clean, easy-to-convey storyline; and appropriate tools, training, and background if they are to successfully get placements and sell-out product.  

From product to value, three stimulating years of developing product and strategies for Tenuta Mosole.

A journey that starts from the identity, to the target, until the repositioning on the global markets.
A rebranding should be aimed at boosting sales, generating more chances of dialogue with the trade, speeding up the sales engagement, motivating who is representing us in the markets, finally stimulating the sell out.
A new, revamped added value on the bottle and its liquid to build a new growth.
An exciting adventure that starts from brand management, then together Studio Idee Materia (design & web), Valentina Solfrini and Zaira Zarotti (photography).


Let’s look at the steps, the goals, directions and tools.

  1. Brand identity: Why choose Mosole?  A sensory atlas that maps the lesser-known Veneto, a means of opening a window onto our dreams, and the courage to bring them to fruition through commitment, sweat, footwork, handwork, and just hard work.
  2. Market: How do you stimulate customers? How do you find something that no one else has to tell? How do you get your wines into the importer/distributor’s portfolio and then onto restaurant wine lists? Develop innovative visuals: a series of picture postcards, each presenting a different, and complementary, view of the laguna, so that each wine showcases a view of the area that is non-touristy, authentic, culturally-rooted. Open a fresh dialogue with sellers and buyers, along with strong motivations and focused selling materials, in the various target countries.
    Do a promotional tour in Canada’s Ontario market, for example, to spotlight the new positioning, train the sales force, generate placements, and get new business together with The Vine agency.
  3. Method – Approach – Change – Perspective: How do you get noticed? Achieve top performance? By re-shaping, refreshing your style, precision-targeting it on the customer, designing a precise roadmap of actions and tools that you will use.  
  4. Experience: a small limited-edition booklet for Christmas 2019, with a personalised dedication. A luxe gift box for 2020 that visually encourages the recipient to conjure up, savour, and taste the wines of the growing area—a journey of discovery into all five senses, in the words of the slogan. The world of wine needs a bit of shaking up: are you the one to do it?

Thank you Lucio for this discovery, into our inner self and the external dimension.
Crete a love brand means actually this, generate sense of belonging and inspire the right audience with a story that deserves to be known, shared, supported.

Discover the wines of Tenuta Mosole, bring home an unexpected angle of Venice and its soul.
We cannot wait to drink your wines again!





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