We are an eclectic team of business creative specialists who build brands across the globe.
Our integrated approach lets us make your brand identity and values stand out, intertwining and precision-positioning them.

  • brand management
  • brand curation
  • brand identity & storytelling
  • concept & brand architecture
  • visual and vocal tone and register
  • brand and product kick-off
  • digital strategy
  • Google & social media paid campaigns
  • business models
  • creation and management of growth-focused budgets
  • leadership & team empowerment
  • trade, consumer & user branding
  • wine trade & export development
  • wine training and sales-force training
  • product and brand positioning
  • wine hospitality & customer-direct sales
  • project-planning experience (digital, space + people)


We believe in constant growth, in the value of pro-acting, in the positive evolution of all aspects of a business, and in promoting interaction, because branding means identity and sense of belonging

We believe that brand potential and added value are power,
and both are pathways to a new marketing culture.
We believe in both style and substance, in empathy and energy.
We put them together and their synthesis unfailingly creates total involvement.

The singular becomes plural. Boom!
We live the time we are in, with intensity: we are flexibility, quickness, sustainability.
We speak the language of our world, we interpret the language of the markets.

Multi-faceted, artistic, forward-looking, and revolutionary.
Negotiators, problem-solvers, and professionals
Excited, smiling, and way out of the ordinary.


We work in a place we consider special: “I bought a dream, not real estate,” says Nicole Poggi, founder and guiding spirit of Route ‘n Roots. “Our workspace is where I assign a variety of specialist teams to ‘do branding,’ which means to create, develop, and promote brands, then to put together bespoke strategies to meet their targets and boost their performance in the marketplace.”

Our roots are in Romagna, in the city of Cesena,
but the continents of the world are our true workplace.
Here, in a multi-ethnic neighbourhood, just a few steps
from the train station, we come up with our ideas
and enjoy surveying new roads.
Producers, sommeliers, wine critics, winemakers, buyers,
sales representatives–you are all welcome here!


If, like us, you have a firm belief in “brand power,” stay at the front of the pack with our profiles and information clips.
Choose brand, strategy, value, professionalism, experience, performance, sharing!
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